Year 12 ATAR Syllabus Checklist

Year 12 ATAR Syllabus Checklist

The Situation

Your ATAR students are preparing for their examinations.

The Solution

Year 12 Student: How do I study for the exam if I do not know the questions?

Teacher: you need to study the syllabus points.

Year 12 Student: How do I keep track? There are so many things to know.

Teacher: Keep track using your syllabus checklist!

Year 12 is a stressful time for both students and teachers alike. How do you ensure that you have covered all the material necessary for students to be prepared for assessments and examinations?

Of course, you have backwards mapped, checked SCSA requirements, collaborated with colleagues assessed the available time throughout the year to cover the syllabus points.

But what should the students to keep up with this hectic schedule?

A syllabus checklist allows students to keep track of how their understanding of the syllabus points. Using the document below, students can self-assess the following:

  • Self-assess their confidence with each syllabus points. Tick the face that reflects how they feel about their understanding of the syllabus point.
  • Record how they study. Are they simply reading over class notes? Watching additional videos on YouTube to get a broader contextual understanding? Are they creating mind maps?

Students should use this checklist throughout the entire year. It encourages students to constant reflect on their own progress. This is even more important immediately after assessments when students are completing their act on feedback. They should reflect on what their comments from the teacher and the marking rubric suggests about their understanding. A culture of reflection will allow students to know the direction of their private study and allow them to refine how they ask for support in the classroom. There questions will now target the syllabus points and allow them to make incremental improvements in their learning.

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