The History of the Snicker’s Bar

The History of the Snicker’s Bar by Luke Raynsford

The Snickers bar was invented in the early 1970s by a woman named Samantha Stickers. One day while her husband, Gary, was working at the local box-making factory, Samantha decided to make some sweets for dessert. She arranged some ingredients, including a block of chocolate and caramel toffees. She melted everything and mixed it all up. However, something awful went wrong! The Stickers’ household had a cockroach problem. While Samantha was busy washing some dishes, a family of cockroaches crawled up the side of the bowl and into the mix of her new chocolate creation. Samantha soon realised what had happened!

“Darn you cockroaches!”, she yelled at the top of her lungs.

Although she was disappointed that her chocolates were destroyed, she was hesitant to throw away the mix. In those days, ingredients were quite expensive.

“Surely cockroaches are not that bad to eat. I see on the telly that people eat bugs all the time! Maybe if I mash up the cockroaches, Gary will never know.”

And that’s what she did! Samantha began to smash up the cockroaches in her new chocolate mix. Did you know that cockroaches make a horrendous sound when diced up with a wooden spoon?

To cover the cockroaches mixed into the chocolate bars, Samantha poured even more melted chocolate over her creation. This would surely hide the bugs inside, she thought. She placed the tray in the fridge to seal the chocolate.

Later, Gary arrived home quite famished. He ate the dinner that Samantha had prepared, a warm and hearty stew, and drank a cup of orange juice.

Samantha said, “I have prepared you something special. Something that I am sure you will quite like.”

She brought out the tray of chocolates. Gary was amazed. He had never seen such a creation in his entire life. You know, working in a box factory is not very exciting. He took one of the chocolate bars and bit into it and began to chew. Unbeknownst to him, he was slowly digesting small pieces of cockroach arms and legs.

“These chocolates are my ticket out of that darn box factory! I’ll be rich! Rich I tells ya!”

Samantha was not happy about this. Not happy at all. She had created these chocolate bars. During the night, Gary thought about how he would get rich. He would quit his job making box after box, sell these chocolates and live in a mansion.

However, while Gary was sleeping Samantha was hard at work. She made a second batch of chocolates, but something was missing. The chocolates were lovely, but they were somehow different.

The cockroaches. It was the cockroaches.

The next day, Samantha made yet another batch. However, before doing so, she scrounged on her hands and knees for as many cockroaches as she could. After she had a small container filled, she threw them into her new batch and waited for the chocolate to seal.

Samantha tried her new chocolates and were thrilled to discover that they tasted as good as they had the previous day. It was at this moment that she knew what she had to do.

She packed her bags. Everything that was of value to her. Even the porcelain doll she received on her 5th birthday. She packed her bags and left forever. She would sell her chocolates and make her millions.

But above everything else, there was something she needed. Something essential to her creation. Cockroaches. After placing her bags at the door, she grabbed a bucket and began to dig around the kitchen and the hidden cracks of each room. She opened up the plastering of the wall and scooped up hundreds of cockroaches into her bucket. She would have them all. Once she had ridden the house of every last cockroach, she sealed the bucket and left.

She never saw her husband again.  Snickers are now a very popular chocolate bar. Each year, they farm billions of cockroaches for their chocolates. But that’s a secret. So please, dear reader, do not tell anyone…