Getting Organised – The Pomodoro Technique


Distractions are everywhere, whether it is personal, work or Netflix.

It is very easy to passively watch television or surf Facebook, while completing a hefty to do list. Despite some popular science, our brains are not able to multitask. Our brains are designed to complete one activity – properly – at a time. Aside from this, humans generally have a low attention span so spending hours completing a large task is rather ineffective.

What is the Pomodoro Technique?

1.Choose a task you would like to get done (It must deserve your full and complete attention).

2.Set a timer for 25 minutes. Remove all distractions including children, personal devices and external stimuli. You must have no interruptions. 

3.Work on the task until the 25 minutes is complete. 

4.Take a 5 minute break AWAY from where you were working. DO NOT PICK UP A PHONE. Instead, hydrate or eat something.

5.Every 4 pomodoros (4 x 25 minutes plus breaks) have a 20 or 30 minute break.

How you can use the Pomodoro Technique in everyday life?

  1. Take a large project or task and divide it into multiple ‘pomodoros’. For example, if you are writing a lesson there are likely to be a number of elements constructing the flow and narrative of what you wish to teach. 
  2. You may assign:
    1. 25 minutes for collating resources
    2. 25 minutes for organising the PowerPoint.
    3. 25 minutes to organise online lessons.
  3. The benefit here is that your are not overwhelmed by a large task, instead ‘chunking’ the task and receiving positive feedback once you finish each section. 

Start organising your life…today!

1.Look at your to do list. 

2.Begin assigning how long it will take to complete each task. Prioritise your list. What MUST be complete first?

Example To Do List:

  1. Write year 8 lesson
  2. Plan Homework
  3. Read and annotate The Lottery.
  4. Year 8 Differentiated Activities
  5. Print Year 8 resources

With Pomodoros:

1.Write year 8 lesson (1 Pomodoro: 25 min)

2.Year 8 Differentiated Activities (1 Pomodoro: 25 min)

3.Read and annotate The Lottery (1 Pomodoro: 25 min)

4.Plan Homework and Print Year 8 resources (Less than 1 Pomodoro)

Total time required: About 75 minutes. This could be completed after P5 reducing time spent on work at home.

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