Rainbow Groups: Encouraging Cooperation in Mixed Groups

The Situation

You want to get students working in a cooperative activity immediately as they enter the classroom.

The Solution

Rainbow Groups is a cooperative activity that provides accountability, movements and discussion in the classroom.

  • Provide students with one of these laminated cards (One colour only).
  • Ask students to match with a person who has the same colour.
  • Provide students with a discussion question. 2 minutes provided.
  • Students discuss in their pairs.
  • Students afterwards return to their normal cooperative setting plan.
  • Teacher calls out a number. Allocated number then tell class the central ideas discussed.

There are many other variations that you might complete with this activity. You could ask students to form into groups of four based on their allocated numbers before splitting into corresponding coloured groups to consolidate what was discussed. Alternative, you might like to complete the activity at the end of the class as an exit ticket. There are many different variations that allow for you as the teacher to create movement and variety in important discussion points.

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