The Situation

Your students finding it difficult to focus and read a text.

Your students find it difficult engage in reading because the text is too long and they disengage.

The Solution

A significant problem with reading a story with a class is that some students will find it difficult to process the information. As a result, students fall through the cracks because the right strategies are not employed in the classroom.

RallyRead, a Kagan Cooperative Learning Strategy, is a great way to get students reading and collaborating.

This is the strategy:

  1. Assign Partner A and B.
  2. Partner A will read one paragraph of the story or text.
  3. Partner B will listen.
  4. Partner B will then take over reading one paragraph.
  5. Partner A will take over.
  6. Students continue rotation until they have read the entire text.

Kagan cooperative learning strategies are fantastic tools that you can use in the classroom to engage your students.

After completing this task, you can have students share their understanding of the text back to the class. You might say, “Partner A’s, stand up please and share your thoughts” – of course, providing a question beforehand. By doing this, you are adding in the accountability. Students know that they have been assigned a value (Partner A or B) and therefore know they may need to contribute at some point.

For more information on activities such as RallyRead, please jump over to Cooperative Learning.

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