Ranking Ladders

The Situation

You need your students to rank and categorise information.

The Solution

A ranking ladder placemat will allow students to practice a number of skills

  1. Rank information.
  2. Discuss their ideas with peers
  3. Categorise the information into multiple categorise.

Check out the below information for a rank ladders about the impact of misinformation.

  1. Students place the placemat in the centre of the tables and record their name in a designated box.
  2. As you can see, I have listed a variety of topics that students need to order in their assigned square. Students rank the list from the most impact to the least impact. In this example, students rank the item that has the most impact due to misinformation to the least impact.
  3. After students complete this task, they can do a number of things:
    1. You might have them categorise the information into two or four categories. It depends on what you are trying to achieve. In this example, I had them looking for patterns in the list.
    2. They can complete a consensus ranking ladder.

Here is an alternate activity that I ran with students in regards to writer’s style.

In this activity, students read the genre synopsis and rank which type of point of view is most suitable and which is least suitable. They provide examples for the top and bottom choice. Later, I had students choose two of the stylistic devices that were most likely to be used in all of the genres explored.

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