How to create your own choice board (And make life easier for yourself)

How to create your own choice board (And make life easier for yourself)

Creating your own choice boards are exceptionally easy and once you have a template you and build and develop other types for your use in the classroom.

In programs such as Canva, you are provided with a great deal of flexibility and options for creating your own classroom resources.

  1. Start by clicking create a design and custom size. Here, you will be able to modify the size of your document. For a choice board, it is preferential to use a landscape document. Type in the dimensions for an A4 document – this will give you flexibility when printing.

2. From here, you will be provided with your document and workspace. On the left hand side, you will see template, elements, uploads, photos and text. Note, some of these features are only available in a paid subscription to Canva. In this tutorial I will only use what can be used in the free version.

3. Using the Elements tab, type square into the search engine and click on one of the options.

4. Model the square so that you have created a rectangle. Ensure that the size of the rectangle is large enough so that you have can have three in the document like so:

5. Now, you can start designing each box. Remember that the first box will be the bare minimum that you would like students to complete and the box on the far right is the most challenging. The way you title and present the box need to entice students and be visually interesting. From here you can start designing each box and use the elements and text tab to add graphics. For example, you might use fruit for a low year level:

6. Once you have the headings correctly labelled and designed, you can start recording the activities that you would like students to complete. Use the ‘Add a little bit of body text’ to your document.

7. And eventually you will have created this:

A visually appealing document that allows students to work their way across their way up in difficulty.

You can also create other choice boards quite simply, such as this one for Year 3 Mathematics:

Choice Boards are exceptionally versatile as long as you know how to increase the difficulty of a task.

Here are some other templates that I have created. Feel free to download them as word document below:

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