Roll-The-Dice… Story Generator

The Situation

Your student(s) enjoys games and hands on learning…but they need to write a story. 

The Solution

All of the Writing Activities sections are designed to making writing easier for your students. But sometimes students simply do not want to write. They are tactile and have a need to touch and interact – talking and looking at images may simply not be enough for them.

This activity is simple and effective for students who enjoy games and physical interaction. 

Simply roll the dice to discover the story they will write. You could run this one of two ways:

  1. Roll the dice once to find the charactersetting and conflict.

2. Roll the dice three times, each time for charactersetting and conflict.

Example 1:

Example 2:

From there you can focus on getting students to write their plot diagram. This is how their plot diagram should look. 

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