Can you name the lyric?

The Situation

Your students find it difficult to listen to information.

The Solution

Here is a fun little activity to get your students listening for specifics.

  1. Split students into teams of 4.
  2. Provide each student with a coloured marker and each team with an A3 piece of paper.
  3. Ask students to divide the page into quarters.
  4. You will play a song for students. Some songs, it is difficult to hear the lyrics – for this activity it is important that the words are mostly clear to students.
  5. The goal of this task is to record any words or snippets of lyrics from the song as it plays. Each team member records words or lyrics into their respective square.
  6. After the song plays, given students 30 seconds to reflect on what they heard before sharing to the class.
  7. Record ideas on the whiteboard.

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