Bloom’s Taxonomy for Narrative Analysis

The Situation

Your story have just read a story or a chapter. You are now ready to have students reflect broadly on their understanding of the text.

The Solution

Prior to analysing the language of a text (Language Analysis), it is likely that you will want students talking generally about the story. To what extent do they understand the characters, structure and plot? By using Bloom’s Taxonomy, you can guide students through a range of questions to challenge their thinking by encourage them to consider the various depths of the text.

The following printables will allow you to question students on their fundamental knowledge (Knowledge, Comprehension, Application) and their higher-order thinking (Analysis, Synthesis, Evaluation). These terms are drawn directly from Bloom’s Taxonomy. Print them off, place them around the room or complete it as a do now activity (Placed on students desks or handed to them as they walk in the door).

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