Developing a Narrative through Character, Setting and Conflict

The Situation

Your students are developing a narrative (This might apply to a range of genres).

The Solution

When you create a character, you are creating a person for the first time. In your mind, you must envision your character as a friend. You know their every thought, the way they behave, how they respond to danger and the way they dress. Likewise the characters we create live in their own unique world. Perhaps it is filled with danger at every turn. Perhaps the people in their world live in fear. As writer we need to consider a number of variables in constructing these complex characters.

Use the following printable cutout resources that can be provided to students as they brainstorm their stories. Provides students with a range of cards on their desk. Each colour represents a different focus: black is character, red is setting and blue is conflict.

When introducing the resource, you can move through the following slides that explain the significance of developing strong characters, a dynamic setting and conflicts that will drive the story forward.

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