Reflection Page for Goal-setting

Reflection Page for Goal-setting

The Situation

Be able to encourage students to self-reflect on their learning during a period of time.

Be able to make connections between effort and achievement of students.

The Solution

At the end of each semester or term, you will likely want to encourage your students to reflect on their learning. This is a healthy tool for improvement. Students need to be able to connect their effort with their achievement. For example, if they are recognising that they are not improving in a subject, though they are not completing any study at home, there will be an obvious disparity and little chance for growth.

  1. Encourage students to complete the following reflection page:

2. Afterwards, record a tally up on the whiteboard for the following:

  • How many students recognise, positive, neutral and negative growth during the term.
  • Afterwards, tally how many much study students are completing at home.

3. You are now able to made deductions and correlations between the data sets. For example, there might be a correlation between if there are 15 students not happy with their achievements, but another 13 are completing less than 30 minutes of students.

4. Based on your deductions, you can identify where the class, collectively, needs to improve.

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