Presenting Skills – Tone of Voice

The Situation

Your students find it difficult to present (Projecting their voice and using expression).

The Solution

I have always found it difficult to teach presenting skills. Students find it difficult to understand that present is equally dependent on how you say something to what you say.

Last year, I found a video that helps show that how you say something is very important when presenting to an audience:

So, I chose to get students to read their stories aloud to one another. However, they had to read with a twist. For example,

  1. Reading with a British accent.
  2. Reading as a particular film character.
  3. Reading as David Attenborough.
  4. Read it as a mumbler.
  5. Read it as if your are in a crowded room.

Students soon realised that they needed to adjust the way they spoke. It became less about the words and almost entirely about the voice and projection.

When students finally completed their speaking assessments, their presentations were absolutely fantastic – a massive improvement from what I saw in the past.

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