Peer to Peer Teaching

Peer to Peer Teaching

Much like Peer to Peer Feedback, students welcome being taught and tutored by their peers. After a while, the teacher being the primary instructor can become monotonous. Here is a quick activity that you can complete that welcomes students to interact with the learning in a new format (Please note, it relies on you having already taught the concept previously. It is merely a way to revise and reinforce what you have taught.):

  1. Ask students to assign Teacher and Student.
  2. The role of the Teacher is to instruct, in one minute, the concept or activity that you have taught the class.
  3. The role of the Student is to listen and actively listen – this last attribute might need to be discussed.
  4. Teachers are given one minute to teach their Student the concept.
  5. Watch and monitor students actively engaged in the learning.
  6. After students have completed the active, welcome any student who feels confident to teach the entire class the concept. This can apply to any students.
  7. The chosen student then shares their understanding of the concept to the entire class. Remember to remind students to be actively listening and being respectful to their new teacher. The new teacher can use the whiteboard or any form of technology that is standard in your classroom.
  8. Encourage students to clap and celebrate the teaching of the concept.

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