Teaching…Sentence Structure

Teaching…Sentence Structure

Understanding sentence structure is an essential component of good writing.

Below, I have detailed a variety of terminology relating to sentence structure for you to use with students.

Sentence structure is generally pretty dry stuff; however, if students can write their own example of each sentence type they will be on their way to more dynamic writing.

There are plenty of activities that you can complete to get students engaged- it should just be rote learning. I have presented some broad idea below, but feel free to make your own.

For each type, have students write an example. Encourage them to share to class. Through this process, it is important that you share how limiting the types of sentences in your work creates less interesting writing.

Feel free to present students with a paragraph which they have to rewrite using simple, compound and complex sentences. Alternatively, encourage students to write with on one of these types of sentences. Is it still effective? Can you write a whole paragraph with just complex sentences, while ensuring it reads ‘well’? Asking these insightful questions will break the boredom of sentence structure and ensure that students are thinking deeply about their writing.

Here are the resources/information that you can use:

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