Exit Ticket

The Situation

You need to conclude your lesson and show that your students understand the learning.

The Solution

After you have completed the main activity of your lesson, how do you know that the students have really got it?

This is the exit ticket or plenary. In this section of your lesson, you need to wrap up the lesson with a quick review. You will likely summarise what the students have learnt, but students need to show that they have understood the content and learning intentions. They can do this in a number of ways.

An exit ticket might:

  • review key aspects of the learning
  • Allow students to pose questions about their learning and make predictions about what is next
  • Stimulate further curiosity
  • Make a connection about what will be learnt next
  • Show students how this new learning can relate to real-life experiences.

Here are a few ways that you might like to finish the lesson:

  1. Controversial Questions: Pose a controversial or provoking question to students and ask them to answer on a post-it note and place on the whiteboard. You may choose to have different colours for the post-it notes, each colour representing a different point of view about a topic. For example, you might ask whether a character made the right choice and why. Students, in this task, are encouraged to provide detailed responses too justify their answer. It really depends on what you want to learn from student, so please wrap your question around your intended outcome.
  2. Summarises: you can do this in a number of ways. It could be written, but students have likely done this before. Ask students to find 3 people in the classroom and verbally summarise. Or have students summarise in 50 words, 15 words, 5 words.
    1. Characters and events
    2. Chapters
    3. Predictions for what occurs next.
  3. 3 – 2 – 1: Simply 3 things they have learned, 2 questions they still have and 1 thing they want to know. Jump over to 3 Way Summaries for more information.
  4. Quiz Questions: Now quizzes are an interesting way to get student data. You may:
    1. Get students to complete a quiz. Kahoot and Quizzez are great!
    2. Or, you might have students develop their own quiz question to ask someone else in the classroom. The complexity and nuances of the questions will show you how deeply they have thought about the learning.
  5. Pictorial: Students show their learning through an image without using any words.
  6. Jingle All the Way: Write a short song (Or chorus) that explains the main idea of the lesson.

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