The English Classroom


The English Classroom is designed to support Preservice and Graduate English Teachers in surviving their first year in the classroom.

Becoming a teacher is, at times, a combination of perpetual fear and absolute joy. Some days a filled with extreme trepidation, while others wrap you in the warmth of knowing you are helping others. It is because of this polarity that teachers need a combination of support in the classroom.

As an English Teacher, one of your overall goals is to instil a joy for reading and writing. Students need to be inspired by storytelling. There are moments in the everyday and they are waiting to be discovered. It is the role of the writer to discover the heart and soul behind these moments. 

The English Classroom has been designed to bring the best out in your teaching.

Think of this website as an index of instructional strategies and activities (Writing, Reading and Speaking and Listening) that you can pick and choose from for your classroom. You will find a number of links to different sections of the website that offer you resources, ideas and discussions about how to engage your students in the art of communication.

Each section of the website is divided into two sections: The Situation and The Solution.

In The Situation, you will find a simple statement that outlines a possible dilemma that you are facing with instruction or an approach in the classroom. Alternatively, it may be that your students do not understand a specific skill and you need a new, fresh approach.

The Solution offers a possible way to resolve your dilemma. The solution is stepped out, while also identifying ways you might explain concepts in the classroom.

Lesson Design

In Lesson Design, learn about ways to organise your lessons so that your maximising our students’ potential.

Writing Activities

Need new writing activities? Perfect! Jump over to Writing Activities for some advice on how to create and model interesting writing opportunities for your students.

Tips For First Year Teachers

Being a first-year teacher is incredibly tough. Check out Tips for First Years and you will discover ideas on how to organise yourself, behaviour management and much more.


Are you teaching Edgar Allan Poe? Or beliefs, values and attitudes? Jump over to the Teaching section and discover tips on teaching essay structure, characterisation, and much more.

Cooperative Learning

Students need to learn how to interact in the classroom through structured and organised activities. Jump into these pages and you will discover a variety of cooperative techniques to use in your classroom.

Reading Strategies

You are stuck on how to get your students reading and looking for information? Not a problem! Jump over to Reading Strategies for specific questions stems and targeting levels of thinking.


Guess what? Every student learns in a different way. In Differentiation, you will learn strategies to support all students.